Re: virus: alienated youth

amir (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 22:39:28 -0400

>To agree with Dr. Sebby, I think the answer lies in the fact that
>children are not taken seriously in our society. Instead of yeilding
>control of their lives over to them, parents and schools generally try
>to do TO THEM what they consider best. A common response to
>systematic coercion is rebellion.

RIGHT ON!!! as a 14 year old i EASILY understand what youre saying. as a control freak i live it every day! my cd title is "i am not disturbed" the idea behind which, is anyone my age declaring it is *clearly* the opposite... i write about adolescence often (ive won an essay competition on such a topic) and ive come to the conclusion that what "matters" and what is "best" for me is entirely arbitrary. if my decisions arent the best for me in the long run, why should i believe that anyone else's decision is the best for me? if nothing i do has any bearing on the rotating of the world, then why do anything at all?

most teenagers let such problems float by and surround themselves with artificial happiness (sports, sex, music, parties, drugs & alcohol). many teenagers are completely submissive to anything which which they are faced (girls in particular). some teenagers go to extreme lengths to appease their parents/teachers in an attempt to gain (arbitrary) respect. few teenagers have a real (worthwhile) goal and are usually disappointed by the lack of support and convictions of parents. ive found some facets of my life where i can take slight control: if my parents ever refuse to drive me anywhere i tell them to petition to the state legislature to lower the driving age...

90 percent of what i do is to prove wrong the people that say i cant do it... 9 percent is for selfish purposes... the other 1 percent is for other peoples benefit...

~the great tinkerer