Re: virus: yet another "perspective" regarding Yugoslavia

the great tinkerer (
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 22:47:54 -0400

>You all know me, and that I in now way endorse this anti-semetic,
>prejudiced crap. I agree on many points against the US, but certainly not
>with the racist, misinformed rubbish. As you can probably guess, there is
>a LOT of pro-Serbian propaganda like this that has flooded into Slavic
>newsgroups. (I read this one in soc.culture.czecho-slovak)

i asked my mother (who is jewish) if there was jewish conspiracy to take over the world... i wanted in... much to my surprise (ha) there isnt a jewish conspiracy to take over the world :-(

that letter proved 2 things to me: 1) i was correct when i decided that territory, religion and nationalism were the 3 most common causes of war; 2) there is a trend away from democracy in this world (its a little reminiscent of Plato eh?)

i love how people attack the presidents moral values as having any bearing on the actions of our country. last time i heard we had 3 branches of government and a system of checks and balances preventing absolute power... perhaps we should crumble the idea of a single president and split his 5 constitutional roles to five different people, but i suppose an orgy with the interns is a little inapropriate...

as for the "New World Order" (what a terrible wrestling show!) im relatively happy living in america (based on the discussion of utopia). i dont suppose it would be such a bad thing if we forced the rest of the world to give up its UTism and just accept that the world works better as a single unit. what a grand idea, a New World Order... imagine theres no countries.... no religion too.... imagine all the people, living in peace.... LOL
damn isolationists... spartans of new, fear our wrath!!! peace
~the great tinkerer