Re: virus: Serbian Television

the great tinkerer (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 17:46:17 -0400

>Well, I was fortunate enough last night to see an hour or so of Serbian
>Television - a news broadcast. It was quite sad. I had actually thought that
>propaganda would be subtle, that there would be room for interpretation,
>that the perspective would at least be malaebale to the viewer. Boy was I
>wrong. The news as far as i could tell was completely state run propaganda.
>According to this broadcast, the Serbians are being merciful and helpful to
>the Ethnic Albanians while the "Evil NATO led by the corrupt and immoral
>USA" is deliberatley wiping out the Albanians as the beginning of their
>planned total invasion and take over of Yugoslavia. The broadcast also noted
>how Yugoslavia is shooting down NATO planes, NATO has been launching attacks
>against Macedonia, and Albania is trying to take over Kosovo to expand their
>evil Muslim presence.

im gonna assume this was translated, or do you speak serbian? you cant trust what the american media tranmslates from serbian media now can you... you gotta try to get your propaganda straight. (although i wouldnt be surprised if that were an exact translation....) ~the great tinkerer