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From: Brett
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Zloduska wrote:

> Bill wrote:
> >Kristy - I know the teletubbies are tough for adults to handle
> >but it is also a damn good little kids program. As I have a 1yr old neice,
> >have watched the program with her many times, it has all the markings of a
> >good program - happy and peaceful, lots of repetition (like little
> >act), the most the ever say is "uh-oh, haha, ohhh, etc... It's hard not to
> >smile when you are watching it. Despite commercialism and such, some
> >are successful just cause they are good.
> Marketing frenzy aside...But where is the educational value? That is what
> I was wondering. At least on Sesame Street (besides those great muppets)
> you learned how to count to ten in Spanish. If I had a kid, I'd rather
> read to them instead of setting them in front of the tube.
> ~kjs
> ps: I also wonder, why is everyone else I know or have known going mad, on
> medication, committing suicide, being incarcerated, pregnant, or being
> hospitalized on me? I thought Spring was a time of renewal and
> rejuvenation, not death and self-destruction. Uh, nevermind, thinking
> aloud again....

Virus is about mindsets and engineering abstractions to trigger symbolic illusions within them (My paraphrase, comments?).

Or: Abstractions, "memes", within mindsets, or "meme-sets", trigger the "replication" of the abstraction in other minds (demonstrated, at first, through "this-equals-that" perception-- perception which can be assumed to be *symbolically* triggered within the second mind according to the abstraction within the first mind). This suggests that a property of memes is that an "illusion", or subjective perception, is established within the second mind preceeding, and prompting, the re-organization of the mindset to accomondate the abstraction with regards to more objective criteria (such as subsequently getting- rid of ideas which are incompatible with the new meme).

*Enchantment* is a mindset. It can established in a second mind symbolically (preceeding the re-organization of this second mindset to accomodate the meme-- "teletubbies", for example). The mindset of enchantment involves "amusement". *Amusement* is the state of self-enmeshment within which all external stimuli is perceived like a baby might perceive it. It is one of the 5 most powerful memesets I have worked with (enchantment, trance, mystification, glamour, and illusion). It is as powerful as a "hypnotic" trance state and the memes conveyed this way are as effective as "post hypnotic suggestions".

Teletubbies create the illusion of childhood (using face patterns, and child-noises). This is one way that people are enchanted. I wouldn't discount the show's ability to convey memes to children-- in the form of a "message"; nor would I discount the ability of such tactics to re-organize adult's mindsets and make them succeptable to other enchanting memes (like <freedom>, <independence>, <childhood> (relating to what is "mine"), <god> (relating to parents, or what is "yours"), and <possessions> ( relating to what is all "ours").