virus: Where's the Easter bunny when you need him?

Zloduska (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 11:09:19 -0500

My, I'm happy to see the pious demonstrate their faith over these religious, holy days. It warms the heart, I tell ya.


Muslims, Christians clash on Easter

NAZARETH, Israel (AP) - Easter Sunday turned violent in the town of Jesus'

boyhood when clashes erupted between Christians and Muslims, angry over the

planned construction of a plaza for millennium Christian pilgrims near a mosque.

Thousands of young Muslim men gathered at the disputed site near the Church

of the Annunciation, where Muslims have been holding protests for nearly a

year. Some hurled insults and curses at worshipers as they left the church,

where Roman Catholic tradition holds that the angel Gabriel appeared before

Mary and told her she was pregnant. Other youths, wielding clubs, smashed

windshields of cars with crosses dangling from the mirrors. More than 70 Israeli

police in riot gear were brought in but made little effort to halt the violence.

Seven people were injured and 30 cars were damaged, according to police.