Re: virus: The Matrix [spoilers]

Zloduska (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 21:31:37 -0500

KMO wrote:
>I'd take the red pill. How could I not?

>David McFadzean wrote:

>> > Just got back from seeing it. Indeed, it is the state of the art new
>> > myth. It is a most lucid snapshot of the wired zeitgeist. It is da Bomb
>> So, knowing what you know now, would you take the red pill or the
>> blue pill? :-)

Uh, could you fill the rest of us (perhaps only myself) in on this? Being as out of touch with pop culture as I am, I'm the last to know these things. (Not trying to sound like a snob here, I just mean that I didn't know what a Teletubbie(?) was or who Kenneth Starr is until only recently, yet I know when the Jacobites are touring 27 months ahead of time.) I probably won't see the Matrix until it comes out on video.