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List rule: flooding

What is the maximum number of messages a member may send to the mailing list and bbs (combined) in a 24 hour period? [options have changed since the vote opened -- please revote!]

50.02 (0.02%)
109.21 (9.39%)
150.06 (0.06%)
200.03 (0.03%)
more than 200.13 (0.13%)
no limit88.61 (90.36%)

decisiveness (79.40%)
unvoted equity (1.94%)
voted equity (98.06%)

48 Voters: Sat, David Lucifer, Hermit, rhinoceros, Ophis, Hermitess, MoEnzyme, goomba, ElvenSage, Feagwath, Blunderov, referent, Flux, Kharin, DrSebby, outlawpoet, RavenBlack, prometheus, Walter Watts, Kid-A, Cassidy McGurk, the.bricoleur, Warlock, JD, Smucker, Zloduska, Mermaid, opsima, Casey, se7en, Kalkor, michelle, Lukian The Wizard, kirksteele, simul, metahuman, Galt, Atheist Crusader, Matt Arnold, LenKen, Joe Dees, Drakeo Vortex, Alex Future Bokov, DJ dAndroid, chippedlogic, Pabreetzio, pickler, teh,
votervoted forcomment
Mermaidprivateno comment
opsimaprivateno comment
Caseyno limit
no comment
We need to have a limit, any limit. If a special case exists, a person can always get special permission to exceed it. But having no limit tends to invite more abuse.
se7enprivateno comment
Kalkorno limit
Setting a limit on number of votes assumes that anyone exceeding the limit is doing it maliciously. Not having a limit does NOT invite abuse, just like wearing a low-cut dress does NOT invite rape.
michelleno limit
Content is what's important. I'd personally rather see a limit on how many NEW THREADS can be started. As long as all the spewing and worst-case-scenario crap is confined to one thread, anyone who wishes to ignore it can do so easily.
Lukian The Wizardno limit
I'm all for no limit, except spam /attack protection, although it'd be nice if everyone didn't repost entire or large parts of previous posts.
kirksteeleno limit
Vote based on the stipulation that a "post" is something a bit more thatn a montage of cut and pastes from a log, especially when taken out of context. A member's voice need not be limited by the amount of vituperous spewage they are able to post, merely
More checkboxes man.... really. It never hurts. I should be able to vote for "5 or 10". Give me liberty or give me death! (or at least another poll)
no comment
no comment
no comment
Atheist Crusaderprivateno comment
Hermitno limit
Content, not volume, matters.
Matt Arnold20
no comment
And posts should be limited to original writing only. If a news story is relevant, then explain why itís relevant and provide a linkóand/or include a brief (<250word) quote. Itís all-too-easy to copy and paste other peopleís words. So stop it.
Joe Deesprivateno comment
Drakeo Vortexprivateno comment
Blunderovno limit
Echo LenKen and Hermit.
Alex Future Bokovno limit
no comment
DJ dAndroidno limit
no limit, common-sense & politeness should rock this!
chippedlogicprivateno comment
Pabreetziono limit
no comment
picklerno limit
multiple posters should be dealt with 'if' their posts are considered as abuse or completely off topic and distracting from the main discussion
no comment

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