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2004-09-07 18:01:22 #virus from 2004-09-07 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:01:22Lucifertime to chat

Mode change [+o Lucifer] on #virus by ChanServ

18:01:33LuciferWelcome everyone
18:01:42Lucifertonight's topic is the foundations of civilization

prometheus (~duane@[death to spam].c-24-2-135-104.client.comcast.net) has joined #virus

18:02:14LuciferWhat is the social contract?
18:02:30LuciferWhat can we derive from first principles?
18:02:31Futura* Futura flees Lucifer
18:02:37LuciferCan we even agree on some first principles?
18:02:41LuciferIf not, then what?
18:03:01LuciferBut let's assume for argument's sake that it is possible
18:03:07daraknorA gang is stronger than an individual. Many have a greater chance of survival than one. The pack eats while a lone coyote starves.
18:03:14LuciferIs there any political theory implicit in the 3 virian virtues?
18:03:36localrogerReally the SC is the shit we put up with to prop up society because the shit we would have to put up without society would be even worse.
18:04:26daraknorlocalroger: doesn't each society make their own decisions, that affect all members? Divergent paths to survival?
18:04:51localrogerYes, the social contract varies from society to society. Though the global hegemony is merging them all into a big unified mass as we watch.
18:05:13LuciferSay everyone in the chat here was stranded on a deserted island (to use a hackneyed metaphor)
18:05:34LuciferWhat rules would we create in order to get along?
18:05:58hkhensoncan we assume it has lots of trees and good soil? fish in the waters around it?
18:06:00LuciferAlso assume that we have varying capabilities, physical, intellectual and otherwise
18:06:10Luciferverying knowledge and skills too
18:06:18hkhensonenough room for a few thousand people?
18:06:25localrogerIn a small group like that it's much simpler than in a huge anonymous industrialized nation. We'd form personal alliances based on things like friendship, which evolved for that purpose.
18:06:27Mermaida class system has to emerge
18:06:42Mermaiddont blame me..i am indian
18:06:48Luciferhkhenson, sure let's start out with that -- no scarce resources
18:06:54localrogerI think Henson would agree we evolved to function very well in groups of ~100 with little adult supervision.
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