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2004-07-13 18:00:03 #virus from 2004-07-13 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:09localrogerThat's the USPTO for you.
18:00:31LuciferFirst, does biotech have a future?
18:01:04LuciferAre we now in the Century of Biotech?
18:01:45WWWe can hope so. Once the smirking chimp is gone that is.
18:01:47LuciferCan we expect a biotech bubble in the market?
18:02:11prometheusThere have been a few in the past.
18:02:16LuciferAre the cures for all the major diseases just around the corner?
18:02:18localrogerLots of really exciting stuff is happening in interdisciplinary fields. Biology plus physics, biology plus information science. Traditional medicine alone is yesterday's news.

Eliezer (~sentience@[death to spam].c-24-99-110-71.atl.client2.attbi.com) has joined #virus

18:02:56prometheusThe integration of biotech and information technology is creating powerful tools.
18:03:15Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes Eliezer
18:03:24WWMore likely just around our kids' corner's -- " Are the cures for all the major diseases just around the corner?"
18:03:26prometheusYou have your -omics disciplines genomics, proteomics, transcriptonomics....
18:03:48localrogerPrometheus, I see all that merging into one big uber-field.
18:04:16LuciferBiology is certainly impacting information science (along the lines of genetic algorithms and the like), but it appears now that info science is impacting biology to an ever greater degree
18:04:33prometheusThat is quite likely, localroger.
18:04:50LuciferHow would the merged field be different?
18:04:59localrogerLucifer, yes, originally people conceived of computers as a way to duplicate what living things do but they actually do something very different. Now computers are informing us how living things operate.
18:05:14prometheusWithout information technology biology would be proceeding at a snail's pace.
18:05:54LuciferAny hope of the protein folding problem being solved computationally?
18:06:00prometheusIt is difficult enough to marshal the current information with available algorithms.
18:06:05localrogerAnd living things turn out to be as much huge information processing systems as they are chemical factories.
18:06:39prometheusProtein folding is a difficult problem. Presumably with enough crystal structures being solved we will have the data to help us along.
18:07:01WWprotein folding (receptor-key) problems will probably be solved in the interim with LOTS of transgenic lab rats, THEN computationally
18:07:10LuciferWould you say that everything interesting can be viewed as an information processing system?
18:07:28localrogerWell you can argue that the universe is an information processing system...I'd call the universe pretty interesting :-)
18:07:37prometheusDNA is the code of life. I work the code.
18:08:12prometheusExcept I am debugging evolutions endproducts with no documentation.
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