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2004-06-29 18:00:42 #virus from 2004-06-29 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:46Lucifer Topic is: http://sl4.org/bin/wiki.pl?CollectiveVolition :: Tuesday 8pm EST, 7pm CST
18:01:00LuciferAnyone read it?
18:01:06ChrisRovner* ChrisRovner did

WW (~wlwatts@[death to spam].ip68-13-228-248.ok.ok.cox.net) has joined #virus


Mode change [+o WW] on #virus by ChanServ

18:01:25rhinoi only read some definitions
18:01:28goombaim in the process of reading :P
18:01:35WWWalter Watts of the Royal Society of Bombing Brown People Under Dubious Circumstances Present....
18:01:37Lucifergreetings WW
18:01:37rhinohey WW
18:01:44WWhey rhino
18:01:48rhinoare you here for developing the collective volition?
18:01:49WWhey Lucifer
18:02:11LuciferIt is certainly an interesting document

Tywick (~Tywick@[death to spam].24-196-75-241.mad.wi.charter.com) has joined #virus


Mode change [+o Tywick] on #virus by ChanServ

18:02:24Futura* Futura hands Tywick a tray of biscotti.
18:02:29ChrisRovnerYes, I still don't fully grock it

Mode change [+o Lucifer] on #virus by ChanServ


Mode change [-v Futura] on #virus by Lucifer

18:02:44TywickThanks for offerring Futura
18:02:53TywickHi Luci
18:03:12LuciferHere's my take on it... What would you wish for if an omnipotent genie grants you just one wish?
18:03:19rhinothere is a chance that it is not suppoesed to be fully groked by our contemporaries
18:03:20rhinohey Ty
18:03:22WWthank you, Lucifer "*** Mode change [-v Futura] on #virus by Lucifer"
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