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2004-06-15 18:00:18 #virus from 2004-06-15 18:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
18:00:18Luciferit is time to get started
18:00:23Luciferright loglady?
18:00:36Lucifer Topic is: Recruiting women :: Tuesday 7pm CST, 8pm EST
18:00:58Luciferand to answer se7en's question... recruiting for Virus
18:01:19SatWhy do we need women to be infected?
18:01:24LuciferWomen have been a minority since the beginning of CoV
18:01:38Luciferfrom time to time someone will ask why, and perhaps suggest it is a problem
18:02:17Luciferanyone care to field Sat's question?
18:02:25Luciferor was that rhetorical?
18:02:32SatI'm curious
18:02:45LuciferWould #virus be more fun with more women?
18:03:00Luciferhow about the bbs or list or f2f events?
18:03:29rhinofirst easy attempt at an answer: to achieve a balance closer to the real world?
18:04:01rhinoare the topics and mode of the discussions affected by the demographics here?
18:04:03Lucifermaybe there is an implicit assumption that without appealing to women the CoV will never gain much momentum
18:04:18Sat* Sat sorta thinks that.
18:04:20Luciferrhino, yes, and vice versa
18:04:35Satfor memes to really take hold they need to be passed to kids.
18:04:43Satwomon are the keepers of culture
18:05:00Sat* Sat hangs his head
18:05:04Luciferotoh, science and math have a lot of momentum
18:05:06rhinoyes, women are waiting for you when you log out, whatever you say here
18:05:34Luciferrhino, does the world of chess need more women?
18:05:38Satalong those lines, rhino, I am reluctant to invite my fem friends here
18:05:48LuciferSat, does the field of programming need more women?
18:06:06Satonly if it enhances it in some way
18:06:21SatI think the whole question is sexist
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