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2004-02-24 20:00:54 #virus from 2004-02-24 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:54prometheusRoll call. Anyone here?

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].ns1.abiose.net) has joined #virus

20:01:53prometheusI have been nominated to lead tonight's chat.
20:02:05OphisInteresting topic... I wished we could find an answer to it :-)
20:02:27prometheusSome people the answer is never.
20:02:37OphisGood point :-)
20:02:38localrogerIsn't Sat like 36 years old?
20:03:16prometheusBut for the sake of the chat let us try to focus on the optimal situation.
20:04:15prometheusWhen do you remember a time when you thought as a rational being at least somewhat?
20:04:57localrogerI would say there was a gradual sharpening between the ages of 5 and 10. 7 is the traditional "age of reason."
20:05:21Ophis7!? I don't think I became "rational" until I was 24 :-/
20:05:36localrogerWell you beat Sat to it :-)
20:05:50prometheusWhat event marked the transition, Ophis. Reading von Mises?
20:06:25prometheusPerhaps we need to define rational. Any takers.
20:07:01localrogerWell in my case my dad was a Ph.D. physicist, so I had a strong attraction to rational thought.
20:07:12OphisActually, I'd change that... I say I became "rational" when I was about 15 and I realized that the world wasn't peftect
20:07:55localrogerIt's worth remembering that before the 19th century children were regarded more like "little adults" and were expected to conduct themselves appropriately. They were regularly sentenced to long jail sentences and death for petty crimes.
20:08:12localrogerOur ability to not be rational as early as possible is something of a luxury.
20:08:34prometheusHave we undermined the rationality of children by not assuming it.
20:09:02localroger(This doesn't count deliberate non-rationalities like religion which we're expected to follow. It's things like cause and effect and understanding the importance of abstractions like money and work.)
20:09:37localrogerWe have a romantic attachment to the idea of "childhood innocence" which we don't want to "corrupt" by poisoning it with too many "adult thoughts."
20:09:53OphisI think that's a silly idea...
20:10:47prometheusChildren are capable of making rational decisions in difficult situations.
20:10:49localrogerI think we become capable of rationality around the age of 7, give or take, but whether we realize our potential depends on whether it's expected of us and whether we have the opportunity to learn it.

Lukian (~wizard@[death to spam].203-109-238-27.ultrawholesale.com.au) has quit IRC [Ping timeout]

20:11:19prometheusAnd whether it is repeatedly challenged.
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