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2003-10-21 20:00:12 #virus from 2003-10-21 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:12LuciferOK, let's begin
20:00:18DownCastHIya localroger
20:00:21DownCastand Lucifer
20:00:30localrogerHi DC, chat is on
20:00:30LuciferFor the next 60 mins the topic is Criticizing Meridion
20:00:49localroger* localroger raises his hand
20:00:50LuciferPerhaps critiquing would be a better term
20:00:54localrogerWhat is Meridion?
20:01:01LuciferBecause we're looking for constructive criticisms here
20:01:10LuciferMeridion is the reputation/voting system
20:01:13metahumanMeridion doesn't allow users to opt-in or opt-out.
20:01:37OphisLet's talk about that (opt-out)
20:01:42Lucifermetahuman, it does allow users to opt-in
20:01:44metahumanUsers are automagically opted-in upon visit to the reputation page.
20:01:53metahumanThat's not a choice.
20:01:59Lucifernot true, metahuman
20:02:19LuciferUsers opt-in only when they rate others
20:02:28metahumanDid you fix it then?
20:02:38Luciferno, it was never broken
20:03:03Luciferopting-out is a good point of discussion
20:03:06metahumanThe last account that I had, when I visited the reputation site, I automatically had a reputation.
20:03:10localrogerI have been having some thoughts about how systems like this might work based on K5's recent troubles with the troll overrun.
20:03:19OphisI think opt-out would be interesting. Would it remove the historical record of that user's last rating?
20:03:19metahumanI was added to the list without voting on anyone.
20:03:38Lucifermetahuman, I don't think that is possible given the code
20:03:58metahumanWell, it happened when you first put the system online.
20:04:04OphisI don't remember seeing you in the list metahuman
20:04:10metahumanDemon was in there.
20:04:31LuciferI guess Demon accidently entered some ratings
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