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2003-09-02 20:00:10 #virus from 2003-09-02 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:10localroger* localroger uses a calculator to subtract 12 from 21 and looks at the PC clock
20:00:11LuciferAre you ready, prometheus?

Ophis (ophis@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

20:00:37LuciferI'll let prometheus introduce the chat since I stole the topic from him
20:00:38OphisHello people
20:00:46prometheusHi Ophis.
20:00:50Lucifer* Lucifer welcomes Ophis with a frosty Kilkenny
20:01:22Luciferprometheus, what would you like to know about raising a rational child?
20:01:29Ophis* Ophis toasts to Lucifer's good health and prosperous future
20:01:55Luciferthx, Ophis
20:02:05utnapishtimcan rationality be taight to anyone or is rationality like athletic talent. Ie it can be developed but relies on natural aptitudes
20:02:11crwLucifer: what roles do positive and negative reinforcement play in raising a rational child?
20:02:12prometheusSince I am responsible for the nurture of what I hope to be a rational being. I wanted to know how I may increase the chances of producing one.
20:02:46Lucifererrrgh, my "child" just barfed in my lap. brb
20:02:55Ophis* Ophis giggles
20:02:58crwLucifer: that wasn't very rational of it.
20:03:06prometheusMonkeybats what can you do?

WW-afk (~transgeni@[death to spam].ip68-13-228-248.ok.ok.cox.net) has joined #virus

20:03:35prometheusDon't worry Lucifer my child has done worse to me.
20:04:04OphisHow old is your kid prometheus?
20:04:17Luciferbleh I'm too queasy to have a child
20:04:20prometheusJust under one and a half years.
20:04:46OphisI wonder if the school system helps or harms in the development of reason
20:04:55prometheusShe is already learning about one spoken word per day.
20:05:03Luciferutnapishtim, rationality must require some minimum intellectual level
20:05:26localrogerGF and I, who fortunately do not have actual children to fight over, are split on the school thing. I'm strongly home-school oriented, as the school system is a horrific Total Institution. She feels the socialization it provides to be necessary.
20:05:35prometheusOphis, that is one of my major concerns. Homeschooling is a big time commitment though.
20:05:35utnapishtimintelligence is psoobily a prerequisite but not the only one. There have been some very bright very irrational people
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