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News: Do you want to know where you stand?

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2003-08-05 20:00:02 #virus from 2003-08-05 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:02KalGonesquad level, patrol (boy scouts) level
20:00:08LuciferOK, official chat starts now
20:00:12hkhensonI have to go for a walk, bb in a bit
20:00:14Mermaidinsecurity/strife etc
20:00:20LuciferThe question at hand is to schism or not to schism
20:00:20KalGonealright, I gotta run off to help shanna clip her cat
20:00:21hermitThe "100" limit" implies a two level system, with 7 groups of 8 reporting up one level
20:00:39hermit* hermit nods
20:00:49hermit1 leader, 7 subordinates.
20:01:06hermitLots of military and training studies confirm this.
20:01:10Shadowwhat about those people who don't want to play this schism game?
20:01:11Mermaidno schism
20:01:12KalGone1 uberleader, 7 subordinate leaders
20:01:28LuciferLet's look at pros and cons first
20:02:02hermitOne foundation. Goals, Sins, Virtues.
20:02:10hermitMany "perspectives"
20:02:39hermitAllowing one to address multiple target audiences with minimum dissonance.
20:02:47Ophiscon: you endup with a diluted message
20:02:54LuciferI like to distinguish between an organization's vision and mission
20:02:55MermaidLucifer: a person should not held hostage by his affiliation wrt his opinions..political or otherwise
20:03:08LuciferThe vision is the desirable future state of the world, the end goal
20:03:12Mermaidbad sentence..you get the idea
20:03:20LuciferA mission is a plan on how to get from here to there
20:03:28hermitMermaid, a person may well be a member of multiple groups simultaneously.
20:03:45LuciferOrganizations with different missions can collaborate if they have the same vision, I suggest
20:03:52hermitPart of the implementation detail.
20:04:14LuciferOrganizations with different visions may come into conflict if the visions are inconsistent with each other
20:04:16Mermaida divided group is weaker
20:04:38hermitMermaid, a group at war with itself is very unattractive

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