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2003-04-29 20:00:07 #virus from 2003-04-29 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:07localrogerSounds like a good topic
20:00:38LuciferWhat I had in mind when I suggested the topic was how do we resolve conflicts between genes and memes?
20:01:03jubungalordI wonder if it's possible for there to be an enviroment in which genes could evolve at the same pace memes do
20:01:15rhinobefore doing that, one should tell what comes from the genes and what from the memes
20:01:31Luciferrhino, that could be a contentious topic all by itself
20:01:50localrogerWell I have some ideas there, probably best to wait for official chat
20:01:55rhinoyes, but we can proceed ewven if we don't have everything right
20:02:12Luciferroger, could you summarize your view?
20:02:22localrogerGenes are information encoded into DNA...
20:02:31localroger...Memes are information coded into brains...
20:02:44localrogerBoth are living systems. Living systems come into conflict.
20:02:48rhinoeventually, genes are encoded into brains too
20:02:52rhinonot genes
20:02:55rhinotheir result

Kid-A (~anon@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

20:03:12LuciferDNA does code for brains along with the rest of the phenotype, yes
20:03:13localrogerIt's like, how do we resolve the differences between ourselves and E.Coli? Either we do, and we live on symbiotically, or we don't, and both we and the E.COli die.

Yvonne (~boo_boo_k@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

20:03:29localrogerIf our memes betray us, our genes die, and vice-versa.
20:03:48rhinohey Yvonne
20:03:49localrogerThere are analogues to this all over the natural world.
20:04:02rhinowe are discussing genes vs memes
20:04:08LuciferBoth memes and genes evolve in an environment shared with other genes and memes in the same host
20:05:01jubungalordBut memes have boundaries set by genes, genes have very different type of boundaries set by memes
20:05:13localrogerI don't see the boundaries as being so different
20:06:24LuciferIt might be helpful to work with examples here
20:06:32LuciferAny suggestions?
20:06:43localrogerLet us say you are a potential human memetic complex... what is your strategy?
20:07:21rhinoheh, did "you" make that an example?
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