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2003-03-21 16:00:08 #virus from 2003-03-21 16:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
16:00:08Shadowchat over!
16:00:23hermit* hermit offers a spell to remove delusions for a stiff price.
16:00:25LuciferThat was quick
16:00:46MoonUnitBolverker drops a turd.
16:00:47LuciferPremature e-chat elation
16:00:53MoonUnitBolverker gets a turd.
16:00:55hermit* hermit quickly hands out out red pills
16:00:56ShadowThat was our fnow famous one minute chat!!
16:01:37hermitShadow, nothing wrong?
16:01:46LuciferStarts with "chat over!"
16:01:46Shadownah, fuck the red pills, I got my own.
16:02:12hermitShadow, nothing wrong?

StaphX (~vircuser@[death to spam].216-164-17-181.c3-0.smt-ubr1.atw-smt.pa.cable.rcn.com) has quit IRC [Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby]

16:02:37LuciferEverything is perfect he way it is
16:02:39Shadow* Shadow waves his hand frantically if somewhat humerously.
16:02:52ShadowMr. Rogers likes me just the way I am :-)
16:03:22hermitWe are looking for a massively important threat the dealing with which provides an incentive for people to put their differences aside.
16:03:35Shadowwhat is it this time?
16:03:45hermit* hermit thinks that Shadow's red pills are not working.
16:03:46Shadowsave the cildren?
16:03:48MoonUnitBolverker drops a turd.
16:04:27MoonUnitBolverker says, "heh"
16:04:29MoonUnitBolverker gets a turd.
16:04:35MoonUnitLucifer says, "ewwww"
16:04:35hermit* hermit considers dropping the MoonUnit on Bolverker's head.
16:04:43MoonUnitBolverker puts a turd into the Bolverker's bag of souls.
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