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2003-03-11 20:00:15 #virus from 2003-03-11 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:15Mermaidi need a snack..
20:00:15LuciferThe topic tonight is The Nature of Evil
20:00:18Mermaidbe back in a few mts
20:00:44Shadowis there really such a thing, or is it simply based on our emotional reactions?
20:00:46LuciferDoes evil really exist?
20:00:53LuciferIs evil relative?
20:00:59Shadowgmta Lucifer;-)
20:01:06SatOk I think right off the bat its important to distinguishe between social evil and evil that threatens one's existence.
20:01:17Satthere is taboo...

dfasd is now known as Coyote

20:01:26Satand the evil of the tiger that tries to eat you
20:01:36Satthose are two different creatures
20:01:39Shadowyes, taboo is different from evil.
20:02:08LuciferCan natural disasters be said to be evil in any sense?
20:02:14SatNo taboo represents social rules against behavaoir that is considered evil
20:02:23SatIE butt fucking
20:02:28LuciferThey are often brought up in the context of the Problem of Evil when discussing theism
20:02:29ShadowBut I guess I taboo could incidentally coincide with evil. For instance Dahmer's cannibalism is definitely taboo, and his case probably evil too.
20:02:50Satstealing is considered evil
20:02:58Coyoteunless its taxes
20:03:07Lucifereven then...
20:03:18ShadowLucifer, we mythologize about evil actors behind natural disasters, but I don't think of them as evil. They are amoral to me.
20:03:28Satso would you agree that we should make evil be two categories?
20:03:39LuciferNo, there must be more than 2 categories
20:03:45Satsocial and natural perhaps?
20:03:58Satok what other types do you posit?
20:04:07Luciferstealing is social but doesn't threaten our existence
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