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2003-02-04 20:00:07 #virus from 2003-02-04 20:00:00 (showing messages 1-30) Bookmark the permanent url.
20:00:07hermit* hermit thinks prolly
20:00:08JerryLeei hope so
20:00:11nrv8what time does it start?
20:00:17JerryLeeim short of money at the mo

foots (bill@[death to spam].host-66-81-119-146.rev.o1.com) has joined #virus

20:00:29Kalkormy clock sez it's time

krissy (~krissyk@[death to spam]. has joined #virus

20:00:44nrv8new people
20:00:49hermitHi l8 cummers
20:01:00LuciferAlright, let's begin... Any thoughts on UTism and when it is reasonable?
20:01:09Kalkorcohesion, lucifer
20:01:10footsokie UTism?
20:01:16footswhat does UT stand for?
20:01:21Kalkorus vs them, foots

Ophis (~Ophis@[death to spam].116-81-202-209.hyperlinx.net) has joined #virus

20:01:33LuciferHere's your UTism reference: http://virus.lucifer.com/wiki/UTism
20:01:39Kalkoror, from sociology class, that would be "in groups" and "out groups"
20:01:40JerryLeeuniversity of tennesse
20:01:56hermitI wonder, is there a presumption in the phrasing of the question that there is no valid reason to dislike the Ts?
20:02:06hermitHi Ophis
20:02:31LuciferI changed the phrasing from the original to make it more neutral
20:02:38KalkorI view the question more as "when is it a valid reason to form US groups in opposition to THEM groups"
20:02:57footsthem as in organized religion?
20:03:02Lukianhey, how r you ?
20:03:02Lukianhow are you Ophis ?
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