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  Suggested Ballroom Dance System
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Suggested Ballroom Dance System
« on: 2007-08-26 14:11:52 »
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Sent to Abramelin Wolfe 2007-08-26

I, like many people in SL, would like to hold a ball. Unfortunately, ballroom dances (*See list from Wikipedia below)  are not just expensive, and scarce (only Bits 'n Bobs?) they eat prims.

Ballroom Dance ought to be easy to animate as a google for "How to NameOfDance" provides steps and You Tube video for all the cases I tested. Naturally a system could be provided with a basic selection and then expanded.

The use of a poseball per couple is probably a good idea so as to permit adjustment of height. These might be rezzed on demand and definitely ought to be coupled with a wall board driven system or possibly with an MLP like hud, where the dancers or the organizer can choose which dance should be active on all balls or on a per couple basis.

Additionally, the organizer should be able to establish a ceiling on the maximum number of simultaneous dancers to help deal with the dreaded lag monster (which should be shown by a central sign "x couples available" where n reflects [maximum dance couples]-[current dance couples]).

An easy option would be to provide a system using web based storage which would allow a user to set up a poseball once, selecting sex and height. This would then be stored and retrieved whenever that user used a ball (with a hud based option to change it?). This might be extended to provide information to other animated devices (couple huds, sex poses etc).

I'm fairly certain that such a system would sell well, not just as a straight sale item ($L1200/dance pair with a possible fee/dance?), but might profitably be implemented as a pay-as-you dance system ($L10 plus local fee/dance?), where the local fee could be set with a split to the person providing the venue, or a combination, eg the venue buys 10 dances and can "rent" additional couples on a per dance basis. Fees might be paid by the venue or the dancers.

A longer term value-add goal should probably include the capability of providing a synchronized music stream. While this properly belongs in the client, I suspect that the simplest implementation might be that when a dancer requests to join a particular dance,or the dance administrator selects a dance, that the dancers should receive a pointer to a streaming midi file containing appropriate dance music as well as a pointer to a heartbeat synchronizer stream which would allow music and effects (e.g. lighting, fountain, fireworks) synchronization. To facilitate synchronization, the beat should be defined (verbal tempo in bpm), a (verbal) start signal waited for, a (verbal) resynch supported, and a verbally triggered preamble and ending for each dance would be a good addition. The preamble might be 5 seconds and the ending 15 seconds.

Wikipedia Dance styles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballroom_dance)

International Style

    International Standard
    Slow Waltz - Tango - Viennese Waltz - Slow Foxtrot - Quickstep

    International Latin
    Cha Cha - Samba - Rumba - Paso Doble - Jive

American Style

    American Smooth
    Waltz - Tango - Foxtrot - Viennese Waltz

    American Rhythm
    Cha Cha - Rumba - East Coast Swing - Bolero - Mambo

Historical/Vintage Dance

    Waltz - Polka - Schottische - Tango - One-Step - Foxtrot

Other dances occasionally categorized as ballroom

    Nightclub Two-step - Hustle - Modern Jive / LeRoc / Ceroc - and the whole swing variety: West Coast Swing / East Coast Swing (always included in the "American Rhythm" category) / Lindy Hop / Carolina Shag / Collegiate Shag / Balboa

Latin nightclub
    Salsa - Merengue - Cumbia - Bachata - Cha-cha-cha - Samba

    Polka - Cha-cha-cha - Two-step - Waltz...
    also referred to as "Country and Western" or C/W:
    C/W Polka - C/W Cha-cha - C/W Two-step - C/W Waltz...

Cajun dances
    Cajun One Step or Cajun Jig - Cajun Two Step - Zydeco - Cajun Waltz - Cajun Jitterbug

    Argentine tango
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