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   Author  Topic: Portals  (Read 1854 times)
Dan Sumners

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'I am my world.' Wittgenstein
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« on: 2011-05-06 06:27:50 »
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Quote from: Dan Sumners on 2011-05-06 06:27:50   
There are parallel worlds/universes/realities – whatever you wish to call them – and rifts/portals/gateways – again, be my guest – can open between them. These rifts, however, should not be envisaged as merely ‘doorways’, openings through which one can pass between realities.

Sometimes the rifts can be individuals, people who exist between realities, although they are unaware of it. These people are often hailed as great visionaries, geniuses, artists, as they perceive the world in a different way; in the other reality they are nothing special.

They are never considered to be particularly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ people, as these concepts don’t transfer across realities. Where they affect ‘morality’ it is in other people, but generally they are not viewed in these terms themselves.

We find ourselves in the chaotic mirror of rippled reflection, whereas we find the whole world in the faces of strangers.
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