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Choose a city for Infection 2004

Which cities are acceptable to host the CoV convention in 2004?

New Orleans, LA20.97 (32.57%)
Portland, OR0.00 (0.00%)
Montreal, QC20.98 (32.57%)
Las Vegas, NV22.13 (34.37%)
San Franciso, CA0.01 (0.01%)
Seattle, WA0.01 (0.01%)
Chicago, IL0.30 (0.46%)
Athens, Greece0.01 (0.01%)
London, UK0.01 (0.01%)
Barcelona, Spain0.00 (0.00%)

decisiveness (1.16%)
unvoted equity (77.58%)
voted equity (22.42%)

31 Voters: celindra, Kharin, Hermit, Tywick, Sat, David Lucifer, rhinoceros, prometheus, Kid-A, Ophis, Lukian The Wizard, referent, Kalkor, DrSebby, Demon, Walter Watts, Hermitess, ElvenSage, Cassidy McGurk, goomba, Flux, MoEnzyme, Zloduska, outlawpoet, Blunderov, Feagwath, RavenBlack, the.bricoleur, Warlock, lotusfox, localroger,
votervoted forcomment
localrogerNew Orleans, LA
no comment
Kid-ANew Orleans, LA
no comment

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