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Title: Truly, Muzzling and Silencing descent
Post by: Fritz on 2018-08-13 12:59:41

I watched with dismay as Lawrence Krauss was slandered and muzzled by the anti-athiest BUZZ feed cabal:

Info-War's Alex Jones has been pulled from all social media feeds; guilty without trial or even real reasons given. Just months before the USA goes to the polls; not a coincidence I think.

The merits of both are not the point; but silencing free speech by blackmail and coproate power is a problem.

Daily Facebook and Youtube feeds are being shutdown without do process, yet some questionable facist recruitment venues remove up.

I think the cries and protests of the social media, that they are not news or content providers involved in editorializing, is now proven false and the legal system needs to hold them legally responsible for the content of thier sites. Think of all the jobs that would be provided to fulfill that mandate.



Title: Re:Truly, Muzzling and Silencing descent
Post by: admin on 2018-08-20 17:18:07

I was giving Krauss the benefit of the doubt but it isn't looking good as Jerry Coyne describes at his blog (

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