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Title: George Orwell
Post by: Hermit on 2009-07-19 02:28:19

Two Helpful Torrents

This torrent includes more than 100 essays by George Orwell (some are packaged together). The highlights include:

-Politics and the English Language (READ THIS IF NOTHING ELSE)
-Why I Write
-Preface to Ukrainian Edition of Animal Farm (AKA "The Freedom of the Press")
-A Hanging
-Shooting An Elephant
-How the Poor Die
-Reflections on Gandhi
-Selected Poems
-Prevention of Literature
-Confessions of a Book Reviewer
-Notes on Nationalism
-Looking Back on the Spanish Civil War (related to his experiences in Homage to Catalonia)
-Inside the Whale (an essay on Henry Miller)
-Rudyard Kipling
-The Spike
-The Lion and the Unicorn
-Wells, Hitler and the World State

(etc, etc, etc)

There are a few .pdf, a few .lit, a few .txt and a number of .html.

Thanks to the following websites for the content of this torrent:

If you would like to download or browse individual essays, I recommend going to

All of the material in this torrent is open-domain. George Orwell (born Eric Blair) died in 1950 and the copyrights on his works have expired.

If you believe any of the material in this torrent is copyrighted, please let me know and I will modify the torrent.

Thanks! Please seed, and if you have any other Orwell related work please upload it.

Includes all of George Orwell's novels and non-fiction works, as well as some of his better known essays and a little poetry:

1-   Down and Out in Paris and London
2-   Burmese Days
3-   Homage to Catalonia
4-   Keep the Aspidistra Flying
5-   The Road to Wigan Pier
6-   Coming Up for Air
7-   A Clergyman’s Daughter
8-   Animal Farm
9-   Nineteen Eighty-four

These books are all open domain at this point and most can be downloaded individually as text files at:

Enjoy and seed!

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